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Java developer vacancy at Netology

20,000 - 100,000 ₽ per Month

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Beginner
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Part-time


Russia, Moscow
Company size: from 51 to 300 employees
Industry: Online Education
Founded: 2011
Netology is a university for the training and further education of specialists in marketing, project management, design, interface design and web development. As part of our online platform, students receive valuable practical knowledge from the best experts, perform practical tasks to practice the acquired skills and communicate with experts.


-Participate in the creation of new educational programs, be the author of the course.
-Provide courses to students, be a coach for them, help them with a graduation project.


Netology is looking for middle-level and higher-level Java developers to provide courses to students.

Perks & Benefits

-Remote work that can be combined with the main one (volume of the courses discussed individually)
-Personal PR as an expert
-Ability to improve speaker skills and be part of the expert community of one of the best IT companies

Partial / remote work.
Salary depends on the volume of the courses (up to 100 thousand rubles)

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