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Middle Scala Developer vacancy at Exante

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia, Eastern Europe
English: Beginner
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Moscow
Industry: FinTech
EXANTE is an international investment company. Our products are actively used around the world.
The main product is a unique brokerage platform that provides access to a wide range of financial instruments. It has been on the market for more than 8 years. Our company provides access to more than 50 markets around the world.

General overview of the role

To support and develop our project that integrates the EXANTE trading platform with exchanges and data providers, an experienced Scala developer is needed.


Support of the existing extensive code base (microservices)
Writing gateways for integration with counterparties (traditional and crypto exchanges)
Optimization and architecture change of the existing infrastructure in order to increase productivity and facilitate further maintenance


Scala / Java development experience 2+ years, ability to work with scala collections
Knowledge of various JVM multithreading models (blocking, CAS, Future / Promise, Actors)
Understanding the basic ideas of functional programming (recursion, lazyness, pure functions)
Knowledge and ability to work with scala collections, understanding for-comprehensions
Experience with the akka library (akka-http, akka-streams, actor model).
Knowledge of basic data structures and basic algorithms
Ability to write tests
Independence and responsibility

Skills considered as a good plus

Experience in integrating with external systems via http-rest / websocket protocols (writing a trading robot or platform)
Domain understanding
Experience at fintech

Perks & Benefits

Ability to create world leading FinTech tools
Remote work, or from offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg
Flexible start to the day
Free lunches and advanced VHI for office staff
Once a year there is an opportunity to increase your salary according to the results of Performance Review
Bonus at the end of the year if the year was successful

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