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Producer vacancy at Studio Drydock

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: United States, Latin America, Canada, Australia
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time

Studio Drydock

Industry: Gaming
Studio Drydock is making games for diverse audiences, and it's super-important to us that our team is just as unique and varied. We encourage you to apply even if you don't think you meet all of the criteria.

You won't find any guns or explosions in Studio Drydock games; we're making experiences for the vast majority of the world that finds fun in creativity, exploration and building.

Studio Drydock is built on a foundation of support and independence in equal measure. We value our team members' unique experiences and trust them to do their jobs the way they know how, knowing people will reach out when they need it.

General overview of the role

We're looking for an experienced game producer to help guide our game through production and release.
If you have a love of building supportive, productive teams, and creating order and confidence where other people see uncertainty, please apply


Owning, creating and executing the production plan to achieve the launch date.
Ramping our team from our current size of 7 to around 20, while maintaining our existing culture and productivity.
Building relationships, processes and pipelines with external partners to achieve high volumes of outsourced work such as localisation, voice-over, sound and QA.
Owning the daily management of the team to ensure everyone understands goals, feels connected and can contribute despite the challenges of time zones and remote work.
Working with the Executive Producer to understand and manage scope vs vision and business goals.


A lateral thinker. We are treading new ground and solving new problems and out-of-the-box solutions will be highly valued!
Independent: they're able to find problems AND solutions no one else can see.
Kind and supportive: They strike the balance between providing direct feedback and instruction that leaves a team knowing where to go, but always knowing how valued they are.

Other information

Work around your family and personal commitments. Work any hours of the day and week that make sense for you. We generally communicate over Slack or email, with occasional voice/video chat when convenient.
You will need to have some reasonable timezone overlap with both Melbourne and the US. Sorry, European applicants!
We'll be trusting you to be self-motivated and able to manage your own time and workload; we won't be micromanaging your task list.

This will be a full time fixed-contract position for 12-18 months, covering the duration of the project.

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