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Product Designer vacancy at Deep Consulting Solutions

30,000 - 60,000 $ per Year

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Full-time

Deep Consulting Solutions

United States, Austin
We find niche and successful small companies who have problems running their complex internal productions as they scale. The first thing that we do for them is effectively re-organize their operational processes so that they can most effectively attract, service and retain their customers and run their internal production in the way most optimal for quality and profitability. The second thing we do is build and implement a software solution that will administer and enforce the new and improved operation model.

Our Software Team builds highly custom solutions to run our clients operations - which usually include ERP and CRM systems to run the internal company operations, custom web portals to interact with clients and partners, ticketing systems to run support and case resolution operations, and integrated automated telephony to streamline the sales and customer support systems. It is critical for us to build solutions that effectively deliver on the business objective in a highly relevant way, yet are technically flawless and as simple and flexible as possible - thus we always make a point to use readily available platforms and leverage ready-made technologies, such as Zoho CRM, ERP, and Ticketing Systems, along with pre-built components for our front end custom applications. We create extremely functional solutions that have very extensive functionality and process a lot of information. It is critical that our solutions are well thought out and work flawlessly


As the Product Designer, you will design a software solution that will enable to most effectively execute our business models in the client's company. Your main goal will be to ensure that an effective automation solution will be put together and implemented in the business to enforce our optimized models for the client's business. Depending on your level, you will either be responsible for pieces of the projects - or lead a project team developing an entire product being built.

In doing so, you will:

Deeply familiarize yourself with the client's business and the improved business model we are aiming to implement as provided by our Business Analysis Team;
Design an effective solution to address the project's business objectives based on custom web/mobile applications, customized CRM/ERP systems, automated telephony, and other appropriate technology base.
Develop detailed requirements for the Software Engineers and QA Experts to build the technology for your solutions (describe logic, functional requirements, wireframes);
Ensure that the intended solution gets built and implemented successfully.
Do anything else you deem necessary to accomplish your result.


We have a tight business to run and our jobs require a certain commitment to results and willingness to accept responsibility for the individual actions on the part of our employees. Therefore, we require our candidates to:

Understand that an activity by itself is useless unless it produces a useful outcome;
Be ready to self-organize and self-manage and make own decisions about what to do in order to deliver the result;
Be willing to re-examine approaches and methods when results suggest that current approaches aren't working;
Be willing to endure hard work to achieve success and not expect instant gratification;
Approach matters rigorously and analytically;
Act on the above.

The following skills/experience will be necessary:

Experience with successful software implementations in real business applications (web or mobile);
Strong logical reasoning and analytical skills to do your research, articulate ideas in detail, and solve problems;
Strong experience in feature design, including user and/or process workflow and User Experience Design;
Ability to translate business requirements into functional specifications that can be handed off to development teams;
Proactivity to come up with solutions and follow their implementation without supervision;
A solid understanding of effective software design and good self-management to create solutions quickly and effectively;
Good verbal and written English to communicate clearly with our international team;

Skills considered as a good plus

Experience with CRM/ERP systems, programmable telephony, and other niche technologies;
Experience with highly complex applications;
Experience with modeling and design tools.

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