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Product Manager & Engineer vacancy at Standard Notes

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time

Standard Notes

United States, Chicago
Standard Notes builds an end-to-end encrypted note-taking application for digitalists and professionals. We solve challenging problems at the intersection of privacy, security, and productivity, and are looking for talented software engineers with a like-minded passion towards our mission.


We're seeking an experienced Product Manager & Engineer. Their role will be to own and construct our roadmap, devise and architect solutions on how to get there, direct a team of other engineers and team members to help reach those goals, all while relying on their own engineering prowess to take on custom projects and guide other team members via code reviews and project architectural best practices.


Designs systems and architectures, and isn't intimated by difficult or complex problems.
Can learn complex topics in short periods of time.
Is a good writer. You must show that you’re able to write not just clean code, but can write user-friendly documentation that simplifies complex topics. A good writer is also able to effectively communicate their plans and blueprints, ideas and strategies, and issues and concerns, using a to-the-point, non-indulgent style of writing that can be a model for other team members.

You should know about, or be willing to learn, the principles of:

Concepts: Asymmetric and symmetric encryption, public/private key encryption, password stretching, key derivation functions, operational transformation, server/client/browser security best practices, server provisioning, load balancing, embeddable interpreters/engines (Java).

Technologies: Java (ES6+), React Native, React, AngularJS, Electron, WebCrypto, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AWS, EC2, MySQL, Linux servers, Nginx, Xcode, Android Studio, and of course, HTML/CSS.
How to apply

Perks & Benefits

Design your own schedule

We use a unique employment framework which allows you to take time off whenever you want, without seeking permission. You can design your schedule such that you work only 4 days a week, taking every Friday off. Or maybe some weeks you work 3 days, others you work 4 days, and others you work 5 days. Or maybe you want to work 5 days per week but only 4 hours each day. That's totally up to you, and possible with our framework. Our team loves the freedom it gives them to live and work on their own terms.

Completely async work culture

We don't do daily standups. No weekly video calls or phone calls. No managerial check-ins. In fact, we don't even use Slack, so no green-bubble indicator to micro-oppress and monitor you. We use Twist to communicate and stay in touch, which is an email/chat/knowledge-base hybrid. It makes remote work much more enjoyable, and less invasive on your personal life.

How to apply?

If the above deion sounds like you, and you're eager to work with us on the future of privacy and encryption, send an email to jobs@standardnotes.orgwith a small intro, resume, any relevant online links, and your salary requirements.

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