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Product Manager / Product Owner (iOS app) vacancy at Tappsk

from 2,000 $ per Month

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Moscow
Industry: iOS App
We Tappsk - iOS application scheduler and tracker of habits, which has become the most popular in the Russian App Store.

70% of our users are from Russia and the CIS, the remaining 30% are from all over the world. We are profitable and growing fast, over the past six months we recorded a growth of 300%.

General overview of the role

We don't want not to make “another planning app”, but to create a service that will really help users become more productive, provide useful content and motivate them.
We are sure that everything Calm, Flo or Welltory does now perfectly overlays the application from our niche.


We still do not know who our users are, why they stay, why they pay, what value the product carries.
We have accumulated a lot of data for a year and a half, but we did not touch them.
All this needs to be unearthed, systematized, and problematic interviews conducted.
We need to draw conclusions together.
Put the project in a managed state.


Extensive experience in mobile applications (B2C) across all AARRR cycles.
You are on “you” with Amplitude, you can get anything from there.
English C1 - we believe that we will actively grow our user base abroad very soon.

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