Python Backend Developer

max 200000 RUB net per Month

English: Not required
Experience: More than 3 years
Contract type: Full-time

MF Kitchen

Company size: Company (up to 50 employees)
Selection, preparation and delivery of sets of dishes according to healthy nutrition programs for athletes, expectant mothers, vegetarians, as well as for weight loss.


• Develop micro-services based on popular frameworks for all company products.

• Design databases, design and optimize queries

• Engage in integration with analytical systems and 1C modules

• Maintain server infrastructure for your applications


• Experience as a Python developer from 3 years

• Excellent knowledge of Python from 3.6

• Knowledge of modern techniques for data exchange and integration with other applications (REST, SOAP, Socket)

• Understanding the principles of designing architecture of highly loaded applications

• Practical experience in configuring the server infrastructure for the work of WSGI-applications (uwsgi / gunicorn, NGINX, database)

• Practical experience working with Linux (Cron, creating services) and Docker

• Experience with REDIS as an advantage

• Proactivity in solving the problems of the team and company

• Independence and responsibility for decisions made

Logo Tech Back-end
Stacks: Python
Tools: Docker, Redis, SOAP, REST
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