Python Developer Mid+

140000 - 220000 RUB net per Month

English: Not required
Experience: More than 3 years
Contract type: Full-time

OK Pixels

Company size: Company at the growth stage (from 51 to 300 employees)
Industry: Software Development
OK Pixels specializes in custom software development - web services, websites and mobile applications for medium and large businesses. Among our clients are leaders of Russian IT, Retail, Banking and ambitious startups. We have a distributed and growing team with centers in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

General overview of the project(s)

Now we are at the stage of active growth and recruit in many areas
We are interested in Python developers middle and senior level.


Developing different web services on Python


Experience on Python at least 3 years. At least two years of creating Web services on Python;
Excellent knowledge of the Django framework;
Experience with RDBMS: MySQL and PgSQL including designing a database schema and optimizing query performance bypassing ORM;
Understand and use the principles of SOLID and DDD, a good knowledge of design bases and patterns, as well as microservice architecture;
Experience with Redis;
Required experience with queues on Celery or RabbitMQ (possibly ActiveMQ);
Experience in creating production Docker containers from their services
Experience team work on GitFlow;
Good understanding of the HTTP 1.1 protocol, its error codes;
Experience with ReSTfull API, requests such as PUT, DELETE, OPTION ... (not only GET and POST);
Required experience writing Unit and integration tests.

Company offers

Flexible workingschedule;
Opportunity to work from offices in the center of Moscow or Nizhny Novgorod;
Direct contact with the CEO of the company

Logo Tech Back-end
Stacks: Python
Tools: Git, Docker, Redis, Celery, RabbitMQ
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