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Remote Technical support manager vacancy at Groove

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Customer support made simple.

Description of the job

At some companies, customer support is a cost center. 
A necessary evil that they’re forced to pay for to keep their customers from leaving.
Where support agents are a commodity, evaluated on their ability to save the business money.
Groove isn’t one of those companies.
Support is the lifeblood of our business. We exist to make our customers happy and successful. To deliver support that’s so good that our customers can’t help but tell their friends.
To do that, we’re adding a technical support specialist to our team of the best damn customer support agents on the planet.
Does that sound like you?
If so, then we want you to join our team. 
Here’s what you’ll accomplish at Groove:
  • Deliver awesome, personal support to our 2,000+ customers, helping them resolve technical issues and use Groove to deliver better support to their own customers.
  • Work with our team to make sure that our customers’ voices are being heard in every business decision we make.
  • Be happy to jump on a call with customers to help them troubleshoot and resolve any issues.
  • Work with our Product & Engineering team to log & prioritize bugs and improvements for out product roadmap to keep our customers happy.
  • Help in the creation and optimization of our knowledge base articles and email templates to keep our documentation up to date and continuously improving.
Core requirements for the technical support role include:
  • Technical experience working with email headers, content, authenticatication, Domain Keys, trusted mail, SPAM filters, DNS, zone files, internet technologies, 
  • Ability to audit email practices and sender reputation
  • Because of the technical nature of our product, you understand how modern websites work. This includes being able to troubleshoot HTML and CSS issues in web browser-based developer tools.
  • A solid understanding of API’s and custom integrations would be a bonus.
Here are some things that describe you:
  • You’re a kind, upbeat person with superhuman levels of empathy, who can make a customer smile, even from behind a computer.
  • Our core values -- these aren’t just words that we put on a wall, these are the cornerstone of how we run our business -- resonate with you and align with what makes you tick.
  • You’re tech savvy and totally comfortable using different software, including:
    • Groove to manage support requests. 
    • Slack, Trello and Zoom to work closely with our team and customers.
  • You have experience working remotely and being super-productive with minimal supervision.
  • You’re comfortable working on a small, agile startup team that’s continuously evolving.
  • You’re a problem solver and enjoy figuring things out on your own.
  • You’re a strong, concise writer that can explain things clearly to customers.
  • You’ve read our Journey to 500K and Customer Support blogs, so you know what kind of company we are and how we think about growth and support.
Here’s what we can offer:

In addition to competitive salary, you’ll:
  • Work from literally anywhere you want, as long as it has an internet connection.
  • Enjoy a real 40-hour work week with plenty of paid vacation (we want you happy and healthy for the long haul, and we avoid burnout)
  • Work daily with a super close-knit team of smart, like-minded individuals who believe in making things simple for our customers, and having fun doing it (we end every team meeting with a random Urban Dictionary word; don’t tell HR)
  • Be challenged to get better and grow every single day (and we’ll hold you to it with quarterly goals). We’re growing fast, and we want you to grow with us.
Does this sound like a job you’d love?
Email us and let us know:
  • Why you’re a great fit for the role
  • Why you want to work at Groove rather than another company
  • What would your reply be to a customer who emails about a bug that is only affecting their account, and we don't have the developer resources to fix it right now?

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