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Ruby on Rails developer vacancy at Frogogo

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Russia, Moscow
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Discussion of the concept and layouts of the project with the designer. All new layouts are brought up for discussion, each team member takes part in the design discussion. We have a flexible approach to design - we strive to save developers time by adjusting the design for development.

Drawing up a development plan. We have flexible planning, no strict deadlines. At the beginning of each week we plan tasks together, sometimes we do not have time, but first of all we value the quality of work, not the speed of completing tasks.

Development of new functionality, support and debugging of the existing one. Our project is growing rapidly - we are constantly adding new features (and bugs). Examples of Ruby on Rails developer tasks: processing QR codes on receipts, creating an API for a mobile application, integrating a payment system, working with images. Server developers often interact with mobile developers. We have freedom in the choice of frameworks, libraries and technologies - we discuss and choose the tools suitable for work.

Work on open-source projects. During development, internal libraries and components are formed in the application, which can often be made publicly available. Our project is no exception.


Strong knowledge of web standards and guidelines, attention to detail and good taste. If you have experience with design, then even better. Basic knowledge of typography will not hurt: you need to be able to distinguish a hyphen from a dash, en-dash from em-dash, be sure to know how punctuation marks are removed in a sentence.

Experience in web development. Frogogo shouldn't be your first app. Perhaps you have some personal projects, open-source libraries - be ready to tell about them in detail.
Activity and independence. We are looking for people who do not need a manager over their heads, those who can independently look for tasks and problems to solve, who will actively defend their point of view in all discussions, and those who are not afraid to criticize.

Ability to work remotely. Our main office is located in Moscow (UTC + 3), at least 6 hours of the working day must intersect with our office. Our team is spread across 6 cities in 3 different time zones. Therefore, we are looking for independent and responsible people. If you are in Moscow, then there is an opportunity to work from the office.

Confident knowledge of the Russian language, the ability to write a beautiful and readable text. We work remotely, most communications are in text format. The candidate must be able to express thoughts clearly and in a structured manner in competent language. We often design tasks, document bugs / code, and work a lot with text on the site.
Good knowledge of English. Everything related to the code is in English: documentation, commit texts, branch names and content of pull requests. Naming is a complex issue, and we take a careful approach to the process of coming up with names for classes, methods, and variables. We expect the same approach from you.
We are not interested in having a higher education diploma. But we pay attention to completed projects and past work experience

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