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Senior Analyst vacancy at ChartMogul

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


We're building the first Subion Data Platform
One of the best things about working at ChartMogul is that, when you tell people where you work, they've often actually heard of us. In case you haven't come across ChartMogul, here's what we do: We help people build better subion businesses, with data.

We take the raw billing information that subion businesses like Webflow, Pipedrive and HotJar generate when they bill their customers, and turn it into high level business metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue, Churn Rate and Customer Lifetime Value. Using our platform, subion businesses can segment, filter and analyze their billing data to make better day-to-day decisions towards faster growth, all without bothering a BI team. We're democratizing analytics.

We'd love to say all this was powered by amazing, gleaming code, perfectly architected and bug-free, supported by world-class Sales and Marketing teams. But we're a young company – just 5 years old, and 38 people – and we've made our share of mistakes as we've grown. Nobody gets things perfect the first time. We believe in a culture of experimentation. If you think something can be better, and you have a plan for implementing and measuring it, we'll encourage you and give you the tools to succeed.

We choose to do what's best for the company, rather than what's trending in the industry. We publish high-quality editorial content, we use Rust in production. We're constantly learning how to be better. Our customers love us, and we're growing - which brings challenges with it. We'll soon need to explore new technologies and processes to help us scale.

If you excel in this kind of environment and are looking for such challenges, we want to talk to you!

General overview of the role

ChartMogul's Subion Analytics and Data Platform product helps digital subion businesses measure, understand and grow their recurring revenues.

In addition to innovating on our category defining product, we’re BIG on Content. When we talk about content, we mean rich educational guides, well thought through articles, insightful podcasts and videos that help to democratize complex analytical concepts for a wide audience. This is not click-bait “Content Marketing” that’s all-too present on the web today. We treat our content as product in its own right — it has a user experience, leaves the audience better off and with a reinforced positive impression of our brand.

Over the past 6 years, we’ve built a loyal, recurring audience at ChartMogul and established our brand as a thought leader in the SaaS and subion industry. And now we’re ready to take that to the next level, with your help.

Today, ChartMogul publishes on a Blog, a resource library for downloadable guides, other channels like iTunes and Soundcloud for podcasts. We plan to expand our efforts and reach, through any channel that’s relevant to our audience. Though more important than the channel is the quality of the thinking and the writing/production that goes into every post.


As a Senior Analyst within ChartMogul's content team, you’d be responsible for bringing your own unique set of analytical skills to our content. This could be in:

Industry commentary, analysis and interpretation
Data visualization and analysis
Podcast hosting and production
Video production
Taking part in the day-to-day publishing workflow (ideation, drafting, production, publishing and distribution)


You have the industry knowledge, skills and intelligence required to do truly original work that stands out in the crowded space of 'SaaS content marketing'.
You have worked in the software/technology industry for at least 5 years.
You are comfortable forming and expressing original opinions, backed up by your high level competence and industry knowledge.
You can write perfect English.
You can produce engaging, carefully-considered and well-researched articles. To you, writing about your findings is second nature, and a way to process your thoughts.
You have an educational background in computing, product, finance, economics (ideal) or another relevant field.
You’re self-motivated and are comfortable defining and achieving ambitious targets for your work.
You have experience with the technical side of producing, editing and publishing audio and video content.

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