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Senior Data Scientist vacancy at Tessian

64,000 - 72,000 £ per Year

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Email Security with Unparalleled Visibility into Human Behavior
With Tessian, you predict and preempt security risks and prevent human error.

Description of the job

we are looking for some one who is creative at heart, and can encourage novel ways of thinking in their team. This has always been a core part of the data science team’s DNA.

We'd love to meet someone who

  • 3+ years Data Science experience
  • Can balance longer term projects alongside impactful quick wins
  • Cares deeply about the impact their team has
  • Is creative at heart, and can encourage novel ways of thinking in their team. This has always been a core part of the data science team’s DNA
  • Reads Rules of Machine Learning - Martin Zinkevich and it resonates with how they think about machine learning and data science
  • Enjoys “getting their hands dirty” by digging into complex operations
  • Takes responsibility for delivering large projects that require collaboration from start to finish
  • Has strong listening skills; open to input from other team members and departments
  • Has worked with, or understands the principles behind working with data at scale


Data Science at Tessian Our mission is to secure the human layer. This involves deploying near real-time machine learning models at massive scale to some of the world’s largest organisations to keep their most sensitive data private and secure. To do this, we're looking for a senior data scientist with NLP experience ready to work on hard problems, drive best practice and cultivate an environment of experimentation and learning. Companies can leverage data science in a number of ways, and we think the role of a Data Scientist falls into three distinct categories: 1) You work for a business function analysing & reporting on how to improve a key metric, e.g increasing user conversion 2) You are responsible for writing production models to enhance the main product, e.g recommendation systems for e-commerce 3) You build the product - without machine learning, it wouldn't exist The Data Science team built the product at Tessian. We couldn't exist without our machine learning models; they are at the heart of what we do, and they are what our clients rely on day-to-day. We're searching for a Senior Data Scientist who is excited about the opportunities and challenges that come with researching, building and deploying real-time production models.

On a day to day basis you'll get to

    • Work across massive enterprise email datasets
    • Train and deploy models to production that impacts directly our customers and products
    • Improve our ML workflow
    • Work closely with our Engineering and Product Team to enhance our products.
    • Make your mark on ambitious projects

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