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Senior iOS SDK Developer vacancy at Stream

70,000 - 160,000 $ per Year

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Stream provides APIs for building activity feeds and chat. Our team is passionate about tackling difficult tech problems at scale and creating reusable components for them.

Description of the job

We are seeking a full time iOS Developer to work on our native iOS SDK libraries. You will be joining our fully remote development team and have the option to visit one of offices in Boulder or Amsterdam. Our team is passionate about tackling difficult tech problems at scale and creating reusable components for them that allow product owners to ship apps faster, more securely and with better user experience.

What you will be doing As one of Stream's iOS Developers, you strive to simplify how applications are built. You will write and maintain our open-source SDKs that are used by hundreds of our customers and consumed by hundreds of millions of their users.

Most of your day will be dedicated to software design, research, and coding. You will work with modern iOS technologies, such as Swift, SwiftUI, and Combine, with a heavy focus on code quality, API design, testing, and CI/CD processes.

You have

  • Passion for writing simple and testable code, and for designing APIs meant to be used by other developers
  • Deep knowledge of UIKit, experience with SwiftUI, modular UI elements, and design systems
  • Proficiency in Swift and the iOS development ecosystem
  • An enthusiasm for all kinds of iOS testing: unit, integration, UI, snapshot tests
  • 5+ years of experience as an iOS developer (or less if you’re an iOS prodigy)
  • Previous experience working from home or remotely for a distributed team

Bonus points

  • Experience with CoreData
  • Experience with developing SDK libraries or maintaining open-source projects
  • Familiarity with reactive patterns, experience with RxSwift or Combine
  • Experience with Fastlane and CI/CD best practices

Our Shared Culture & Values

We are motivated to achieve mastery of our domains, build lasting relationships and be a transparent team player.

Startup Motivation

Solving problems independently yet getting help when needed, and having grit for when things inevitably go wrong.


We don’t hide and we aren’t afraid to ask for help. When we fail we learn, adapt, and do better in the future.

Achieving Mastery

We strive for excellence in our contribution and we encourage everyone to learn, stretch themselves, and achieve new levels of success together.


Every employee contributes to the customer experience, puts the customer first, and provides them with an exceptional experience that ensures a long standing relationship.

Team Players

We have come together from all around the world. We respect our unique diversity, value niceness and support each other in our successes.

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