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Senior/Lead Front-end Developer (React Native, React) vacancy at Software Solutions Inc

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia, Eastern Europe
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time

Software Solutions Inc

Software Solutions Inc is an advanced, full-conversion, analysis-tracking software development lab that produces the results you are looking for.


- Participate in the development of the project, propose ideas about architecture and technology.
- Code review, refactoring and code optimization;
- Prepare layout.
- Write tests for your code so that untested solutions do not go into production.


* Experience as a Lead in technical team management;
* Experience in developing mobile applications on React Native.
* Experience with any modern frontend application framework, we use React + Redux-saga heavily.
* Ability to automate the assembly, we have Webpack.
* Understanding the principles of client optimization.
* Ability and desire to test your code.
* Experience in writing native modules (bridge, Objective-C, Java).
* Experience in creating custom ui elements
* Knowledge of Vue / Vuex / Nux is desirable.
* Experience using Docker.
* Conducting code review.
* Getting pleasure from the quality development of a complex project.
* Ability to create and maintain a working atmosphere and motivation in the team (for the team lead).
* Ability and desire to work in a team.
* Independence and responsibility for the result and terms.
* Discipline in adhering to general rules and quality of development.
* The flexibility of the mind, the ability and desire to accept new information.
* Desire to learn and develop.
* A robust level of perfectionism.
* Activity and initiative.
* Possess fighting qualities, be result-oriented.
* Ability and desire to write code.

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