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Senior Ruby Rails Developer vacancy at Ascent

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 5+ years
Employment: Contract


United Kingdom, London
We help businesses connect data, software & purpose to drive extraordinary outcomes.
You could say we do digital transformation. But we’d rather say we help people solve problems, or do new things, or do existing things better.

Our teams specialise in software product development, data engineering, business intelligence, advanced analytics, data science and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. We love what we do and we get to work with some of the sharpest minds in the brightest businesses, helping brand leaders across a broad range of industries build new capabilities and unlock value: from smart home devices, space exploration and beer to manufacturing, finance, ecology and logistics.

We prioritise 3 elements in our customer partnerships:


We do work that matters to our customers so we invest time in experiencing the challenge from their perspective. We let our customers tell us what success looks like. It makes our job harder, but we want to succeed on their terms.


Our role is critical in bringing ideas and concepts to life for our customers - and that responsibility fuels us to achieve more and go further. We are never jaded. We are curious and obsessed with learning, helping spark and sustain the momentum to transform in our customer businesses.


When we exceed expectations and surprise and delight users, everyone wins. Creating 'wow' moments for customers is a priority for us in any engagement. We need to think big if we are going to help customers create impact. And whatever the challenge, it can (always) be done.

General overview of the role

We are looking for a Rails developer to help on one of our flagship e-commerce projects.

We specialise in building bespoke software for global businesses, and have a team of highly-skilled and multi-disciplined engineers. Our primary focus is to deliver exceptional value to our customers and as such are proponents of Agile methodologies.

In order to grow our team, we are looking for a talented Engineer with a very strong Ruby background to join our E-commerce team. As the ideal fit, you should be used to working with full stack Rails, with frontend Java frameworks such as Vue being a bonus.


This role is perfect for a candidate that not only enjoys development, but also wants to have input on the best approach and implementation method. On a typical day you will:
Work in dynamic squads in a team of 10+ skilled & enthusiastic Ruby engineers
Morning stand-up with the team via video, a full structured development process
Have a direct input in application architecture decisions
Write efficient and testable code
Review PRs created by your fellow team members
Document your code concisely and clearly
Take part in regular retrospectives to improve the team process


MUST: Very strong Ruby background (Rails 5+, Rspec, etc)
MUST: Experience with modern Java libraries (e.g. React, Vue.js, Angular)
MUST: Experience performing in a team and working harmoniously with others
MUST: Good level written and spoken English
MUST: Be able to overlap within an hour of UK working hours
SHOULD HAVE: Experience working with different languages and technologies
SHOULD HAVE: Ability to navigate, understand, and reuse large existing codebases
SHOULD HAVE: A basic understanding of UI/UX design principles
SHOULD HAVE: Experience with ops (Heroku, AWS etc)
BONUS: Experience with Contentful

What we look for:

Is availability to join within a few weeks
Is based in a location with a Time Zone between GMT -2 to GMT +2
Has strong critical thinking skills
Has very good written and spoken English communication skills
Is a proactive and autonomous approach towards work
Has experience working across a variety of different languages
Is able to work on large codebases which require patience to understand
Has high quality coding standards
Has strong team ethic; keen to help other team members succeed

Delivering exceptional value to our customers is imperative. The ideal candidate is the perfect brand ambassador; a brilliant technical mind with the accompanying interpersonal skills necessary to function in a team environment.

As an Ascent developer you will work in a small and close-knit group. Our mindset is focused on constant iteration and improvement.

Perks & Benefits

Work remotely
Great compensation
Flexible holiday
Exceptional support network from your team members

Our Culture:

World class delivery and attention to detail
Strong customer focus
Fast-paced environment
Can-do approach
Positive attitude towards change
Quick and eager to learn
Highly collaborative

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