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System Administrator / DevOps Engineer (System Reboot Engineer) vacancy at Icons8

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Russia
English: Intermediate, Advanced, Upper Intermediate
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


Hello, we are the Icons8 team, a platform for searching, converting and editing icons. The project lives on 30+ servers and speaks a dozen APIs, including its own.


Ubuntu and Centos
Redis (KeyDB)
NodeJS applications
Rancher v1
Kubernetes and Helm
GitLab and GitLab CI
and something else


Strong Linux sysadmin with a strong DevOps focus. With experience with Ubuntu and Centos, which is prone to behavioral perversions and experiments. We convert icons into several formats, playfully transfer them between servers and clients, slip HTML instead of JS into the search engines, cache everything and everyone, actively use several CDNs, our code will be automatically deployed after passing the tests and we drink a pot of coffee. A little more about us: Our Business Model.
Someone with a twinkle. We like to work playfully, to joke and generally to make mutual communication pleasant. Our enemies are Word documents, blamestorming sessions, life complaints and the smell of a stale T-shirt. We regard them as mortal sins - and that is watching Channel One on TV.
Who wants to experiment. We will help: we have a great team and a great community: people give thanks every day, suggest ideas and help find bugs.
One who sees the project as a whole and strives to create a finished product.
Someone who sees tasks and solutions, not obstacles.
The one who will teach us something.
Someone who values ​​freedom.

Other information

Our principles:

Positive thinking: we don't push, blame, or threaten. We do not believe that people are born lazy, and we need to scare them to death to do something.
Freedom: each of us chooses between Moscow, Bali, Argentina, Khabarovsk and so on.
Trust: our employees spend the company's money without demand and work whenever they want, but you need to work the agreed hours a week and, if possible, attend the daily standup at 14:00 Moscow time.
We do everything together: we call each other and poke around in the code together, and do not like long footcloths in delegation and writing reports.

Tell in your cover letter, about your latest project in your own words.

Tell us about what you have done in this project, and also:
Why you liked the task
Than not
Two features that you succeed
Two features that are not
Come up with an ironic comment about this ad.

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