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Lately, job search became a very relevant question for representatives of various professions and not just in Russia but worldwide. And due to the situation with the spread of coronavirus, remote jobs became highly demanded.

Today, I want to talk about one exciting resource called Hidden Gurus , which collected remote vacancies from all over the world. It also provides an opportunity for the company to post an available job. Let's talk about it in more detail. 

A little about work on the website

On the main page, we have access to search the available vacancies, considering profession and location. A little lower, we show the best remote jobs posted during the last week.

Search for vacancy

From the main page, you can go to an advanced job search (you can open it by clicking on the link ). For your convenience, there are adjustable filters, which allow finding jobs according to your current demands. As of August 2020, there are over 350 active vacancies, which are regularly updated and added.

Posting a job offer

On this website, you can post your vacancy. To do so, you must go to and go through a simple registration. You will need to fill out the following fields:

  • Name of the company
  • Current e-mail address
  • Come up with a password

You must place a check-mark that you agree with the Policy of Confidentiality and terms of work. After registration, you will get to the Personal account, where you can post the information about your company and job offer.

More details about Mobile Developers jobs

For example, let’s review the growing popularity of mobile developers, who write all kinds of programs, games, and other things for Android and iOS. To search, you must enter the keywords in the appropriate field and look at the results (an example of results for this request - ).

The salary from one candidate to another varies a lot. First employers check your work experience, level of English, ability to work with codes, ability to correct errors and interpersonal skills. Afterwards they determine salary proposition for each candidate.

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Remote worker experience
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