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Web Developer vacancy at SalonInteractive

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 3+ years
Employment: Full-time


SalonInteractive is a still-small but rapidly growing startup in the Health & Beauty eCommerce space. We provide an extremely easy way for salons to sell product online by linking them directly to distributors around the US. You could think of it as an out-of-the-box ready platform for dropshipping, but it's more complex in terms of both code and partnerships than that makes it sound. The complexity gives us interesting problems to work on in the near term, and makes the business defensible in the long term.

Our current goals can be summed up simply: provide a more modern, more beautiful, more streamlined experience for all of our partners, of which there are many. Salons, stylists, consumers, distributors, brands, us (SalonInteractive), and more. We are accomplishing this goal by redesigning and rearchitecting much our core application. It's an exciting time.

We want to deliver a product that is high quality inside and out. One that helps our partners capitalize on real opportunities, and gives us flexibility to meet the as-yet-unknown needs of the future. To this end, the engineering team works closely with stakeholders to combine their understanding of problems and opportunities with our understanding of engineering to craft effective solutions.

General overview of the role

This is a hands-on, fully-remote programming position. You'll be working on our Ruby on Rails based eCommerce platform backend, as well as the Tailwind/AlpineJS frontend. The core technologies you’ll be working with—and need to be familiar for success in this role—are Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JS.

We have a large number of high-impact projects planned for the platform. You'll work closely with the CTO, our existing development team, and other stakeholders both within the company and outside of it to understand needs and develop solutions. Your responsibilities will include designing, developing and deploying code to best serve our customers and partners.

As mentioned before, we have quite a bit of work planned for the next few months, so an ideal applicant will be ready to hit the ground running. Despite the amount of work we have, we strive to minimize context switching—if you’re on a project, you shouldn’t expect to be bombarded with unrelated tweaks on other projects here and there though—as with any company—it does happen to some extent.

We're a small but quickly growing post-revenue startup. As one of the early hires, there is opportunity for this to be a high impact position. An appropriately ambitious individual will have huge opportunity to lay the groundwork of the company's future.


Designing the technical architecture of large new components for the system
Implementation of features on the platform
Implementing designs in CSS/HTML/JS
Configuring and tuning middleware services, Redis, ElasticSearch, etc.
Integrating with 3rd party APIs and developing our own for public consumption


These are the must haves. Basically: be a Ruby web developer!

3–5+ years of industry experience
Hands-on programming experience with Ruby
Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JS
Git experience
Understand the web—REST, HTTP verbs, basic HTTP status codes, etc.
Familiarity with the Unix command line

Skills considered as a good plus

Hands-on programming experience with Ruby on Rails
Enterprise software development
Strong UX/UI chops
Deep understanding building complex database queries, particularly MySQL
Opinionated about design—visual and code
A portfolio of personal projects (not necessarily code related)

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