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Web Developer (Sales Focus) vacancy at Ampifire

Negotiable salary

Remote worker location: Worldwide
English: Advanced, Upper Intermediate, Native Speaker
Experience: 1+ years
Employment: Full-time


We are a high-growth SAAS provider and international distribution network that caters widely to both small to medium businesses and consumers in various niches. While our company is a start-up, it is already profitable and continues to grow year on year.
We've already sold products to over 20,000 customers, supported by a small and talented team (which is where you come in...).
Primarily we work on building innovative SAAS marketing platforms through a process of creating minimum viable products, and solving problems nobody else on the planet has solved to help online businesses succeed.


Right now, we're looking to hire a Software Developer to create and maintain our sales and marketing pages, sites & applications. This position will give you an excellent opportunity to take on a wide range of interesting projects and to learn on the job from our talented technology and marketing teams.

On top of that, we're a very 'dev friendly' company. One of the founders is a developer himself, so we appreciate the need for 'normal hours', flexibility , personal space and to work in flow. We respect ideas, ingenuity, and listen to everyone on our team for insights on how to do things better. We also like to balance the 'cool workin + cool livin' philosophy, so the team blends together nicely, keeps a balance on work & life, communication is open, and it's an overall fun place to work.

In your role, you'd be reporting to the Engineering Manager, and would be the go-to person for our sales tech-related needs. Our sales applications involve full-stack development, using a variety of tools and technology to get the job done. You'll be influential in choosing those technology solutions and, over time, you would take over ownership of the entire sales-focused stack.

Our award-winning flagship software suite is in use by tens of thousands of customers. Every one of those has gone through our Sales & Marketing sites. We use CakePHP as our MVC framework, Vue.js for our front-end, Jenkins to manage our testing & deployment, and Docker/Swarm for environment management. We pride ourselves on writing high-quality code, so we do frequent code inspections, pairs programming, and write lots of automated tests.

Sales & Marketing Technology requests often require quick turnaround and on-the-fly development as new requirements emerge. So you'd also be setting up setting up dynamic landing pages, implementing the vision of our designers and assisting with social media advertising.

In addition, all of our developers assist our customer support staff and take care of internal IT assistance.


A positive, can-do attitude that is genuine and infectious
An ability to work through changing requirements by working fast and asking lots of questions
A sense of humor, for those days when you build exactly what was asked for... and it turns out they wanted something entirely different
A strong attention to detail
Strong collaboration skills
Willingness and desire to learn and embrace new web technologies as they evolve
Excellent Communication and Fluent English
2+ years relevant experience working as a web developer
Experience with a PHP MVC framework, Java + JS frameworks, as well as CSS and its variants
Experience with pairs programming and other Agile/Scrum development techniques
Experience working with a high-performing development team that prides itself on writing maintainable, readable & scalable code
Experience with Bash, Git and Docker

Skills considered as a good plus

For our Web Developer position we offer the following benefits:
The ability to work from your home office on a full-time basis
Flexible work hours
Observance of religious holidays
Opportunity for performance-based bonuses and salary increases

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